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Just For you To know

*This is where I shall put what I've updated.. And I say I shall YEAY*

22 October 2003 HA-CHA-CHA! Tristen is back and ready for business! Actualy I found a spare second- Now updated- Blondes
June 26 2003: Okay well this sites about to undergo maijor changes, as you can see I've gotten this lovely update tablet... isnt that great?  Also if you look there are new pages, and I am going to add some 'hidden' pages as well.  Have fun kiddies

June 23 2003: I added a new page titled "interview" it is a interview between NBC and JK Rowling (the creator of th Harry Potter Book series)
Note to self: Need to add a page where there are multiple interviews with different links to the pages.

June 20 2003: Changed the Music page a bit, and added a ton of lyrics... Next thing to get up is actual music, but that'll have to wait.

June 19 2003: Added a funny little skit to the Mental Place.. My Padded Cell. Hotel California (Eagles) lyrics and Match Box 20 lyrics added to Music page, Random Fact was placed on Tristens page. Also a new page is up "song" which is a song lol I think is funny...

June 18 2003: Added Ramblings, links, a few new poems.
Note to Self: Update Tears

June 17 2003: Site Created

 Yes yes, I know this is a totaly pointless award, but my friend Manda gave it to me.  To bad the Foil one didn't save, I'd have that up too... *sigh*

I hate what's on the inside
I hate what no one else can see,
I even hate this pretty mask,
That I've woven into me.
I hate what I've done right,
I hate what I've done wrong,
I hate to share anyone,
Who's never been there all along.
I hate when I'm called pretty,
I can't be what you see,
I hate that no one notices,
This really isn't me.
I hate the fun I've had,
I hate the sorrow too,
The fun brings me only more reasons,
To be depressed and blue.


Feel free to enter this site, learn what you want, read what you will. Mostly this site is being made for my poetry, and just facts about me.. And stuff? Yah well thats that. The sites name is Tristens Tears, because well, I at least wish I could cry. Onto random useless facts about me, I like to do things that are creative.... I don't know what to say

Tristens tears,
Sorrows fears,
Hiden behind a mask of happyness,
Alone she lay,
Wishing that her night would come someday,
To Escape,
To jump,
To take the plunge.
To drive the knife deep within her soul,
To cut out the pain...
To heal herself.
Tears so long and blue,
No one knew what to do,
To heal her pain,
To keep her sane,
To let her be herself without hurting,
To keep her in check,
To keep her alone
To make sure she was there,
To keep her at home.


These poems are mine, if I find out you took them and used them for your own shit, I'll just... not be so happy.  If you want to use my stuff, Email me.
No Tristen isnt sane. This is why the page is so dark and scary for those who know me as someone I'm not, for someone they think I am, for the people who know me as happie. For those confused by my thoughts, they are only random in her head, otherwise she wouldent be able to make a webpage, and for those who think I am insane.... Well you should meet the other 42 personalitys of mine... then tell me I'm crazy... Why are you reading the fine print anyways?